In the crypto world, we’ve made ourselves a fantastic community. We’re traders, we’re hodlers, we’re investors, speculators, thought leaders, interested bystanders, critics, amateurs, and professionals. We have our own trends, our own lingo, our scandals, and our celebrities. But one thing I’ve noticed is that, like other communities, we’re vulnerable to putting an unnecessary amount of value to the opinions of public figures.

If you’re like us, you are getting pretty tired of hearing the same old criticism of cryptocurrencies from high-profile figures in the finance world.

Within the Cryptocurrency trading world there are a variety of methods or mindsets to buying and selling cryptocurrency. Generally these fall under three types of traders/mindsets; a trader, gamber or a spectator. A trader is a person who generally takes risk and reward deeply into consideration and trades on a daily to weekly basis. While a gambler is a person who acknowledges the risks and rewards but is far more inclined to taking higher chances on trades to result in “hopefully” much higher rewards. Finally, a spectator is generally someone who might or might not know what or how cryptocurrency…

Trading proficiency is something you can learn with time and patience. However the risk can be high with a volatile trading market, especially for new traders. As cryptocurrency trading gets an increasing amount of attention, newcomers want to enter the market and get their piece of the crypto action.

You’re not alone though. Everyone makes mistakes in this trading game, in fact, quite a few times until they are able to internalize what not to do. Even after being aware of these pitfalls, everyone makes mistakes at least a few times before they are understood and implemented. …

Bitcoin and gold are similar in the fact that they are both globally accessible, scarce, and valuable. But in light of gold’s recent market supply pinch, puts a spotlight on the important differences between the two. The recent challenges gold has been facing shows Bitcoin has a definite advantage over gold, as Bitcoin doesn’t rely on a physical supply chain and is globally accessible.

According to the LA Times on March 24, “The gold market in New York is facing a historic squeeze as the global pandemic chokes off physical trading routes at the same time that investors are piling…

Ripple is the name of a blockchain network striving to transform the banking industry into a more internationally connected system. The company has launched the RippleNet, which promises to be “One frictionless experience to send money globally.” Basically, by partnering with Ripple for cross-border payment settlements, banks and merchants are able to send money anywhere in the world with less wait times, significantly lower fees and more transparency on a network that’s extremely robust against hacking attempts.

As far as cross-border payments are concerned, let’s see if Ripple is making a ripple.

The current state of cross border payments

Everyday the world becomes more interconnected. As a…

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The Christmas season can be a great opportunity to get your family and friends involved in something you feel passionate about, like cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this can be a confusing concept for people to pick up. It’s often misrepresented in pop culture as a fad or even a conspiracy theory. This can be a major hurdle for those who try to get their family and loved ones interested and involved in crypto. There is a stereotypical image of a geeky tech wiz trying to bring down the banks that the community must overcome.

Here are the three major blockers that can…

It’s quickly becoming apparent that blockchain technology is about far more than just Bitcoin. Across finance, healthcare, media, government and other sectors, innovative uses are appearing every day. While some ventures may fail, others could go on to become household names if blockchain proves itself to be as revolutionary as many are predicting.

Recently, CoinTelegraph shared the news about Microsoft and Amazon considering the implementation of blockchain even though it goes against their centralised values. These giants simply can’t miss out because it has become apparent that blockchain will be an essential part of everyday lives in the future.

Are blockchain and cryptocurrency the same thing?



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